Why bamboo fabric?

Bamboo fabric boasts a multitude of benefits you won’t find in other popular fabric options. 
  • One of our personal favorite benefits of bamboo fabric is the unmatched level of comfort it provides. The long bamboo fibers can be woven together with fewer connections, resulting in utterly soft fabric – so soft it’s gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Even though we’ve chosen 220 GSM bamboo fabrics to ensure high-quality, long-lasting products, the bamboo fabric is still incredibly lightweight by default! The bamboo fibers contain tiny holes, ensuring lightweight breathability. 
  • Bamboo fabrics contain viscose which naturally inhibits the growth of bacterial and fungal organisms, making it one of the only fabrics that has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This also means less odors (most body odors are caused by said organisms)! Win-win!